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Let me introduce myself...

My name is Breeze Taylor, I’m a mother (and always striving to be better one!), a good sister, a not-so-great-daughter (sometimes), a wife (Lord knows the perseverance it takes), a damn good friend (most of the time). I’m also a perfectionist (to my detriment), a hard-worker (it’s in my blood), an entrepreneur, always a leader, never a follower, I like to push boundaries without fear. I’m a volunteer, a fantastic baker, an enthusiastic cook ( trying to perfect my craft), a reader who is always looking to fill my soul, and a “heart all in" kind of girl. I have always loved to love people.

I once read that we have two mountains to climb in this lifetime.

The first mountain is the mountain of what we define as success. The second mountain is...what we define as success as we reach the second half our lives. And, as the old saying goes, we must walk through the valley before we can stand on the mountain. The valley is the low places in our lives where we get all of our grit, our tenacity, our perseverance is made stronger, and we learn the hard lessons of life. The mountain is where we all wish to stand so we can look out and see the landscape of all the gloriousness we have fought for and all the fruits of our labor. It’s where our souls can rest and be refreshed and we can clearly see all of our blessings.

My first mountain was best defined as a rat race. This is where we graduate college with our greatest hopes, dreams, and aspirations only to quickly learn that most really do have to start at the bottom and claw our way up the ladder of success. We are career driven and our perseverance is constantly tested. No one really lets you in on the dirty little secret that there are no elevators to the top. Rather, there are very long, cold, lonely stairs to the top of success that very few will actually travel. The truth is that you sell part of your soul to make it up those stairs and , I think, we lose perspective on our life’s true purpose. Success is usually defined by accolades, achievements, a fancy office and a business card with an impressive title and, of course, the ultimate prize... money.

Here is what I have learned coming from absolutely nothing to having more than most could ever imagine: more money certainly makes life a bit easier but really only buys you more stuff. In the first valley, we really believe stuff matters. We want the grand homes, fancy cars, impressive vacations to post all over social media, private schools and clothes with designer labels that most never see. For me, I poured everything that I had in this valley. I ate, slept, dreamt of ways to exceed my client’s expectations all while continually trying to perfect my craft. In hindsight, I really gave the very best of myself to my clients and often took home to my family the cranky, run-down, taxed version of my premier self.

I loved the race. I loved the constant motion of forward and faster and I actually craved the nervous energy that often felt like a high. Then came the crying babies, sleepless nights, waking in the morning and day dreaming about when you can make it to bed while sipping your morning coffee, chasing toddlers, endless birthday parties that consume your weekend, loads and loads of laundry, endless dieting trying to get back into those skinny jeans, and we do this while walking around in circles just trying to catch our breath. These are the days we are trying to become our inner chefs, learn to bake a thing or two just to say we can, keep a spotless house, raise well-mannered, straight- A students that are soon to become professional athletes, give into the organic food camp as to not poison our offspring, and be able to” drop it like it’s hot” when your husband beckons. That first mountain was everything I thought it would be. The landscape was just as beautiful as I had imagined. I had an amazing marriage, two fantastic kids, a very successful career, the grand home on the water, and more friends than anyone could hope. As amazing as it was, my soul always felt depleted. I was always pouring out all I had into my clients, family, husband, and kids. The rat race is like a roaring lion which looks to devour you. It can steal your joy if you are not careful.

I entered the second valley of the next mountain very far from my mind’s sight. Here in this valley, I have traded good sounding theories for hard-fought-for truths. I’m running my own race these days and I don’t bother to look to the right or left to see what other runners are doing. Rather, I keep my eyes focused on my own challenges ahead and the reality that I will choose my course in this race.

I realized that after twenty years in the event planning industry I had completely lost my drive and ambition for the profession that was once my love. I came to understand that my real passion was the connection I had with my clients. If I’m being honest with myself, my true strength is my ability to lovingly lead and redirect those that are lost or struggling rather than selecting shades of flowers and linens.

I know my life’s purpose is to pour my love, my time, my energy, and my experience into other people.

I have come back full circle to counseling where I began twenty plus years ago. I have the ability to travel right to the core of people’s vulnerabilities and insecurities. I truly believe that this is my God -given gift. That once exciting anxious feeling of the faster pace now tires me. I have returned to a slower pace that is better for my soul and I’m able to give the very best of myself. In this valley, I have so much more patience, tenacity, strength, and peace. I have learned a new definition of success and feel more connected to my inner self. I have come to understand that the things that truly feed me are the things not seen by the visible eye but only touched by the soul. I hope to help you recognize your life’s purpose and I promise to help carry you through the valley until you can stand on the mountain and see all the magnificent things that you have wished to be there.

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