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Relationship Challenges

Coaching facilitates communication.
Family at a Beach

Couples often come in for coaching after they reach a point where they believe their relationship is beyond repair. Communication has broken down, they lack trust, and intimacy no longer exists. Giving yourselves a chance to address this in coaching increases your chance of resolution.


Couples seek coaching for a wide range of reasons. More often than not, couples seeking coaching have trouble communicating effectively. Consequently, there is a breakdown in one or many parts of the relationship.


Often times I hear that couples have lost time for one another in their busy lives, the trust is gone, they feel betrayed, their sexual lives and desire have diminished, or they fight and argue about the same things and never find a resolution. Some issues we may address are communication, conflict resolution, money and finances, sex and intimacy issues, fighting and anger issues, gender roles, addiction, in-law struggles, religion, values, pregnancy, and many more.



The shift in a relationship can bring about many emotions, including sadness, confusion, and despair. We’ll address everything that you’re feeling, as well as your concerns, and we’ll collaboratively have a plan and set goals to get the relationship back on track.

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