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A difficult topic for couples
to deal with on their own.
Affectionate Young Couple

Our relationships are put under a tremendous amount of stress when going through fertility treatments. It's the kind of stress that can bring you closer together at times, and at other times pull you apart. The effect infertility can have on your sex life also adds strain to a relationship.


On top of all this, misunderstandings between each other can make things more difficult. Often couples handle stress in different ways. Stereotypically, women express emotions more freely and need to talk out their thoughts. Men often focus on problem-solving and may not let themselves feel each monthly loss.


Infertility is hard, but it's even harder if you don't have the support of your partner. Sometimes, your partner is the only one who really knows what you're going through. Coaching can help you better understand and support each other through the process

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