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13 Ideas to Make Mother’s Day Special

Mother’s Day is right around the corner! The moms in our lives deserve the world. No. More than the world… They deserve the universe. And at the very least, they deserve to spend Mother’s Day doing something special, fun, and unique to their personality. Some moms want nothing more than to sit back, sip a cocktail, and enjoy some serenity. While other moms would love something a bit more adventurous like a hike or bike rides. Every mom is different so when you’re making plans for this year’s Mother’s Day keep her unique preferences and personality in mind.

1. Go to the spa.

Research a local spa and schedule mom some well-deserved me time. If you want to make it a girl’s day — that would work too (and you get a little pampering out of it too). This is a simple activity that requires basic planning — just make a reservation!

2. Take her out for a meal.

Make this just a mother-daughter/son activity or have the whole family, join in on the fun. You can make this a Mother’s Day brunch or dinner. Lots of flexibility here based on what you think mom would like best. Make a reservation at mom’s favorite local spot. If mom is the adventurous type, do some research and find a new location you think mom would enjoy.

3. Go camping!

If mom is the kind of gal who enjoys time outdoors, there’s no better way to spend quality time with the entire family than pitching a few tents and roasting some marshmallows around the fire. It lets mom get away from the house so she doesn’t feel the need to clean or cook and it’s the perfect way to spend time bonding as a family. Make sure mom is the one to sit back and relax while the rest of the family prepares all the camping goodies like food and tools. Invite another family to join the fun to make it a social event (just ask mom for her preference first).

4. Breakfast in bed — the oldest Mother’s Day activity in the book.

It’s simple and oh so traditional. Let mom sleep in while you make some of her favorites. Need some ideas? Google some brunch recipes.

5. Book a private yoga session.

Does mom practice yoga? Going to a yoga class is wonderful and maybe that’s the thing you’ll want to do this Mother’s Day, but consider something a bit more special. Hire a private yoga teacher (that you know mom would love) to come to the house to give her a one-on-one on the morning or afternoon of Mother’s Day.

6. Have a picnic.

Everyone loves a good picnic, right? If mom loves the outdoors, this is a great option to enjoy some treats surrounded by nature. Pack all the finger goodies you can think of, a cute blanket and maybe a small flower vase as the centerpiece.

7. Get active with mom!

If mom loves to get sweaty, why not spend some time doing just that. Take the family bikes down to the park or to the nearest trail. Take a run with mom around the neighborhood to start the day sweating together or simply go for a long walk at a state park.

8. Take a trip to the farmer’s market.

It’s a lovely place to spend a morning — browsing flowers, munching on farm-fresh snacks and maybe doing a little shopping for the evening’s dinner.

9. Start a family garden.

Ok so maybe mom doesn’t already have a garden of her own, but you’ve heard her talk about wanting one. This is your chance to help make it happen! Get the whole family involved and spend the day building out a little family garden.

10. Soak by the Pool.

If you live in Florida — or really any southern state where May is already in full blown summer mode — give mom a nice relaxing day by the pool. If you have one of your own or know someone who does, plan for all the moms in your lives to spend a day just taking in the sun by the pool. Prepare some fruity cocktails mom can enjoy and bring all sorts of yummy snacks to her side as random delights throughout the day. Family pool time is a lovely way to let mom relax and still spend time with everyone.

11. Dinner and a movie.

Sometimes the old faithful date ideas are winners. When was the last time you went to see a film with mom? Let mom choose the movie and don’t forget the popcorn.

12. Go to the beach.

Although summer hasn’t quite graced us with her presence, spring has definitely sprung! Why not enjoy the beauty that the beach has to offer without the blistering heat? It’s the perfect location to get some family quality time (what mom really wants).

Make sure to have a plan B in case the weather is not cooperating on Mother’s Day.

13. Turn mom’s story into a book.

Everyone has a life story worth knowing and mom is no exception. Combine arts and crafts with a little research and a whole lot of quality time for a day of helping to re-create mom’s story. Use old family photos, mom’s own recollections and the internet (full of family history tidbits). Make a sort of life-story-book for (and with) mom. She’ll love getting to re-tell some of her favorite memories!

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