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Meet  Breeze



Bringing a special type of energy to coaching.

I truly believe that my clients have the capacity to create beautiful, long-lasting change. I pay close attention to patterns and look to understand a person’s full story before examining the “issue” that brings the client in.
My style uses warmth, compassion, intuition, optimism, and collaboration. I am active in the coaching process, and although I find listening to be incredibly important, I'm known to challenge my clients, highlight where they’re stuck, and encourage their transformation.


I listen to understand and use collaborative approaches so that my clients and I can explore, discuss, challenge thoughts and feelings, and create goals. I use a systemic and integrative approach that addresses people within the context of their relationships.

I truly believe that my clients have the capacity to create beautiful, long-lasting change. 

White Sand and Stone

My Story

My very long, personal, short story.

I came from an underprivileged family of five and my parents struggled financially most of their lives. We lived in trailer parks or small apartments during my childhood, didn’t take vacations, and enjoyed a rather simple life.  My father was a hard-working carpet installer and my mom was always the pm shift waitress. My father had numerous affairs and abandoned my mother many times throughout my childhood leaving her to struggle as a single parent. My father struggled with lust; my mother struggled with alcohol and drug abuse.  She was always trying to get clean, stay clean, or be in some kind of rehab.  Addiction is a bitch. It prowls around like a roaring lion looking to devour families. My father left my mother for our neighbor when I was twelve and she spiraled downhill from that day forward.  I don’t recall ever feeling more important to my mother than her habit, and in hindsight, I was probably chasing my father’s love most of my primary years.


School was always challenging. I was a mediocre student and always felt as if I had to hide the dirty little secret of addiction at home so I never wanted to have friends over. My father was incredibly tough on my brothers and me and I’m sure my brothers would say that we were physically abused.  His method of discipline was spanking us with his belt and would often leave bruises on us. We all recall times when we were embarrassed to change for physical education at school because of the brightly colored marks left on us by his wrath.  I saw way too many things a child should never see and heard way too many things a child should never hear. I dropped out of school in ninth grade, my actual last grade completed was eighth, and got a full-time job as a cashier at fourteen years old with the fake ID that my mother helped me obtain. I went to school in the evenings to receive my GED and left home at the very ripe age of 16 years old. I was completely reliant on myself without guidance.

Sounds rather sad, right?

Well, here’s the good news…

When you grow up in that environment you don’t know any different.  I have some really great childhood memories with my family and I still felt loved by my parents. They did the best they knew how to do in terms of child-rearing. They did some things right and a lot of things wrong but there are tremendous lessons in other people’s mistakes.  I once heard a quote that read “You do what you know…until you know better…than you do better”.


I was one of the very few that chose the road less traveled. I went on to put myself through college graduating top of my class, I started my own business at 25 years of age and enjoyed 20 years of success, lived in a multi-million dollar home before the age of thirty, and benefitted from an almost twenty-year marriage,  and had two absolutely amazing kids through fertility treatments. Some would say that “I’m living the South Florida dream”. I’m surrounded by amazing friends, and I’m enjoying what this stage of life has to offer.

What’s the point here?

I understand the disadvantages of bad

decision-making and the benefits of good decision-making. I understand adversity and I understand hardship. I realize, all too well, that life deals us a tough hand sometimes and I have learned what tenacity really means.


I’m continually developing the skills to persevere and I have learned to endure through the inflexible tests that life constantly throws our way. I know what it means to struggle but I know what it takes to be steadfast through the challenge.


I want to help equip you and coach you to do the same. It is my life mission to pour into other people struggling and help them to become the best version of themselves through any obstacle.


I’m all in on your journey and I can promise to carry you through when you need to be held up. I commit to always telling you the truth even when it’s not so easy to digest.

One of the greatest life lessons that I have learned thus far is that connectedness is the cornerstone to true happiness. What is generally essential to the soul is invisible to the eye.

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